At Sisabelo Saka, we teach blind children how to read, write and communicate effeciently.

We prepare them for the amazing journey of learning. We have a great range of subjects aimed at preparing our student to become contributing members of society.

We create a better life for blind children, by helping every young person we work with to find and fulfil their own unique potential. We are there for them from the moment they are told they have lost their sight, guiding them and their families on their journey through sight loss. We provide them with a combination of support, learning and development opportunities to help them develop the resilience and skills they will need to navigate their own futures.

Our story

My niece – Sanana, was six years old then. My sisters and I got her to live with us when she was one year and seven months old.  Sanana battled with the meningitis through most of 2016 as well. In  2017, we tried to find a school for her here in Lusaka where we live but there were none. Although inclusion in schools is a government policy, it is not there in practice. If we had to have her in school, we would have had to send her to schools for the blind and visually impaired outside Lusaka. We couldn’t do that because she is still an out patient at the University Teaching Hospital where she is still being monitored. As I was pondering what to do, I felt in my spirit God telling me that, now  you know the plight of the blind children in Zambia, do something about it. What am I doing about the primary school for the blind in Lusaka you might ask?
Sisabelo Saka is from a lozi scripture meaning – my
refuge or fortress from Psalm 46:7
– Sisabelo Saka Founder 

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